Bridges & Buildings

Structural engineering focuses on the design of integral components to withstand and transfer loads in man-made structures including bridges, buildings and culverts.

Our multi-award winning engineering team provides an analytical, innovative approach to safely transfer loads through structural components such as bridges, buildings and culverts. We use the latest technology to render 3D imagery and virtual reality simulations of these complex structures. We continually explore innovative methods and materials, improving aesthetic appeal and functionality whilst enhancing job creation capability during construction and through maintenance. Our approach was commended through winning industry recognised awards for both Technical Excellence and Community Based Projects for the same project: the first consultant to do so.

Our portfolio of clients includes both the public and private sectors, providing a range of services from maintenance of schools to complex bridges and buildings.


  • Pre-stressed concrete bridge design
  • Cable stayed structural design
  • High rise building design
  • Virtual reality infrastructure simulation – BIM
  • Water retaining structural design
  • Specialised concrete testing and forensic investigation
  • Structural rehabilitation
  • Coto accredited senior bridge inspectors