Celebrating our Heritage


Nothing is more amazing than being born in a country like South Africa where 11 languages are spoken, not to mention our diverse culture and our warm friendly people. Growing up here has taught me to appreciate other cultures. Heritage Day means a celebration of my culture and all others. Even though our cultures are diverse, one thing South Africa has taught us is Ubuntu, the Culture of Giving (umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu)
Celebrating heritage has indeed created a new nation, the value of heritage is seen in things that are preserved and treasured simply because they hold a significant inherent importance to people. It is that which is handed down from the past generations.
Being South African, the recognition of our heritage has assisted the communities in making sure that people do not forget where they are coming from and how far they have come. Our country may have changed the standard of living to that of modern times, but our cultural customs have never been forgotten. From braais to traditional dances these things bring us closer to our beliefs and also learning other people’s cultures. Culture defines who we are.
Growing up, I’ve always wanted to lend a helping hand to people. My aunt used to watch tv shows of where buildings, bridges and roads were being constructed. This is where I discovered my love for construction. I learnt that I could make a difference, that construction and the design thereof involves hospitals, shelters, bridges and roads and that people cannot live properly without these facilities My main objective was to get involved and with Civil Engineering this was possible. Culture is also tangible such as buildings, monuments, books, works of art and artifacts. Heritage has assisted in ensuring that the history of these things is not forgotten. Part of my heritage one day will be the mark I left on the city and the projects I was involved in.
To quote – “My culture is my identity and personality. It gives me spiritual, intellectual and emotional distinction from others, and I am proud of it” – M.F. Moonzajer

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