CESA Aon Mentoring company of the Year 2023

Naidu Consulting has been honoured with the prestigious CESA Aon Mentoring company of the Year 2023

Naidu Consulting strives to ensure we contribute to young people’s lives by motivating, preparing and mobilising them as future leaders in our industry. With 229 staff of which 53% are youth and 41% female, the company’s versatility may be attributed to solid leadership capacity building and the ability of our leadership to bridge the generational gap in our multigenerational workforce ensuring, transference of skills.

Year on year, innovative ideas are initiated through a culture structured on growth and development, realising that the growth of our people will stimulate the growth of the organisation and the industry as a whole through the lens and contribution of our youth.

Mentorship is part of the fabric of Naidu Consulting. In addition to our Mentors having Technical Experience and being Professionally Registered, our Mentors are equipped with constant emotional intelligence workshops and coaching in terms of understanding the generational gap to better adapt to the nuances of each generation, ensuring valuable transference of technical and people skills. Leadership skills are vital to our future engineers’ healthy personal and professional development. It is essential for us to ensure the continuous development of high levels of professional, technical and ethical capacity in our mentees.

We run various mentorship programmes, from our Professional Mentorship Programme as part of our Commitment and Undertaking Memorandum of Understanding with ECSA (with 19 Registered Mentors) to our Mentoring of Future Female Leaders on our BLAST (Building Leaders and Shaping Talent) programme to our WIL Programme and Our Academy of Learners Structured Learning Programme (MUT/DUT Students), all of which have mentors assigned to them.

In the first quarter of 2023, we have had five ECSA Submissions for Professional Registration, with a further outlook of another eight by quarter three.

We have also embarked on mentoring and capacitating Interns and TVET Students through CETA Funding in the 23/24 period, whom we will run parallel on our existing structured Vukuzenzele Mentorship programme, where each individual receives mentorship and guidance to attain their outcomes per our project implementation plans and outcomes.  We have 41 WIL Trainees and Graduate Engineers journeying through our Vukuzenzele Program.

We believe in constantly mentoring and paying forward vital technical and leadership attributes to ensure solid grounding for our future leaders in our industry.

Our Mentorship Programmes are managed by two Senior Managers, our Functional Manager (PR Eng) and our HR Manager (MBA, MHRP, CCC) a Credentialed Coach who ensures the smooth running of all programs, enabling transference of technical expertise, people skills and emotional intelligence to provide a well-rounded future professional engineer who excels in the industry and their personal lives.

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