Contract Development & Management Services

Public sector institutions are required to comply with specific legislation and policies – promulgated to enhance economic development and inclusive growth.

We unpack legislation and develop tailored guidelines and policies which efficiently and effectively operationalise such legislation, ensuring compliance with the Auditor General audits. We ensure relevance and value through such legislation and workshop all stakeholders whilst offering monitoring and management services to effect implementation.

We have performed extensive work with provincial government departments leading the developing of procurement documentation and guidelines including (FIPDM) and have supported municipalities and private entities throughout South Africa.


  • Tender evaluation, application & processing
  • Monitoring &evaluation programme implementation
  • FIPDM compliance, auditing, reporting, training & policy development Specialist claims processing services
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management contracts (EPCM) Contractor development strategy
  • lndependent technical auditing & reporting
  • Procurement advisory &strategy
  • Specialist in Contract Participation Goals (CPG) achievement Unbundling contracts to promote emerging contractor development