Digital Transformation

We have transformed our approach from standard 2D CAD drawings and hard copy project records to integrated digital systems which collate and collaborate information to offer our Clients a more robust and efficient system of managing their investment in infrastructure assets over the project lifecycle (Construction, Maintenance and Rehabilitation). Our ongoing investment in the latest design software packages , coupled with our investment in a fully-fledged SMART Room allows for virtual 3D project tours enabling our clients to verify that designs achieve their expected outcomes whilst providing clash detection during the design phase.

We partner with our clients and the contractor to deliver BIM solutions in accordance with BIM ISO Standards – ISO 19650-1 and 2. We support the client to develop the Employer’s Information Requirements  (EIR) and through the level of modelling detail and linkage to the Contractor’s electronic program, resources and  Bill of Quantities, can support 4D, 5D & 6D BIM Modelling delivering a comprehensive and complete ‘digital twin’ of the asset which will meet the Client’s Information Requirements and can be used for asset management over the project lifecycle.


  • Project’s information requirements, information delivery milestones and information standards
  • Identify specific procedures for the production of information including its generation, delivery and secure management
  • Establish the project’s information protocol for incorporation into all project appointments.
  • Establish a common data environment (CDE) to support the project and the collaborative production of information – this can be delegated to the appointed Consultant.
  • BIM Execution Plans
  • Development of Particular Conditions of Tender
  • Establish the project’s BIM Protocol
  • BIM support during the project Mobilisation period
  • Development of project specific BIM User Guidelines