Empowerment Programmes

We develop strategies for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMME) support with a clear objective to incubate and exit SMMEs into mainstream industry. As a CETA accredited training service provider, we continually identify the training and mentorship needs for these start ups and provide the necessary technical and practical training to enhance contractor growth and sustained development. We package our works to target CIBD contractors in order to capitalise on project spend while optimising the investment through Community Participation Goals (CPG). Our seasoned mentors will guide contractors during projects and assist with vital business management skills.

Statutory File Services

Creates appropriate project evidence in accordance with legislative requirements in an effectively collated and organised file, designed to improve efficiency and manage project risk through:

  • Adherence to Safety and EPWP Legislation
  • Logical filing structures for ease of reference
  • On site document certification (by a Commissioner of Oaths)
  • Brand customisation of files to client/contractor needs
  • Once-off assistance
  • Clear traceability thus preventing Client/Auditor General queries
  • Easy access to EPWP labour information preventing delays to
    client claims during progress payment certificate processing

Data Management Services

Builds a database of quality information used to measure system health, identifies trends and improves forward planning. We offer solutions for data management including data creation, collection, validation, capturing, protection, processing and cloud storage.

  • EPWP Data Collection
  • Capturing data onto the EPWP Reporting System
  • Data Management
  • Data Collection Workshops
  • Data Validation
  • On site document certification (by a Commissioner of Oaths)
  • Gap Analysis
  • Customisable reporting templates

CETA Accredited Training Services

Acquire the mandatory* theoretical and practical CETA Accredited knowledge to design or supervise labour-intensive construction works in accordance with the requirements of the Expanded Public Works Programme. Our vast experience with the Expanded Public Works Programme through Public Bodies across the country as well as project delivery, allows practical exposure to optimised job creation and strict adherence to legislative requirements.

Compliance Audit Services


L!NC™ Management Systems is an innovative suite of software solutions built on powerful cloud based management databases and accessed through mobile interfaces. This innovative solution provides an efficient and effective link between cloud based databases and the operational activities on the ground.