Oct 10 - 14 2022


8:30 am - 4:00 pm

SAQA 15162 : NQF Level 5 : Online Course 10 OCT – 14 OCT 2022

Start your Labour Intensive Construction learner journey with our EPWP Specialist facilitator through our interactive 5 day CETA Accredited course and earn 5 SAICE CPD Points. Through this engaging, interactive course, leaners will gain the ability to

  • Understand the principles of LIC
  • Be able to adequately price tenders which incorporate  LIC
  • Manage community stakeholder expectations
  • Perform targeted recruitment
  • Plan and programme LIC works to derive predictable quality output
  • Be able to appropriately develop and maintain the required documentation associated with LIC
  • Understand how LIC fits into EPWP


This training is recommended for persons who work with:

  • Completing responses to tenders
  • Pre-plan, Plan and execute infrastructure projects
  • Construction Management



  • Client Officials:  Construction Management Heads, Project Managers, Engineers and Technicians involved in the monitoring of construction work
  • Consultants: Construction Managers & Project Managers  and Design Engineers
  • Contractors: Contract Manager, Site Agents, Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • Other: any other built environment person adding input into the execution of infrastructure work for a Public Body

Registration closes 1 week before the scheduled commencement of the class.

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