Naidu Consulting is constantly innovating, researching and developing to stay ahead in this ever evolving industry.  Apart from our in-house innovations, we partner with leading global institutions to spearhead technological and social change in the many sectors that we work in. Our partnerships with academic institutions, sector bodies such as SABITA and CSSA amongst others, contractors, clients, suppliers and the community, enables collaborative relationships to research, develop and introduce new, more efficient methods and materials  within our industry, as well as forging innovative social compacts with participating communities. Our commitment to embracing constant changes in technology whilst taking full cognisance of our social responsibility,differentiates Naidu Consulting from our peers.

The Smart Room

By Naidu ConsultingOn April 8, 2020

Promoting innovative solutions require individuals with innovative ideas, who strive for a better future. Innovation is about creative ideas, infinite thoughts and infinite...