Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is a reminder of the suffering occurred during the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre when, South Africans gathered around to protest against the pass laws that restricted and controlled travel, dictating when, where, and for how long black South…


Growing up in South Africa

The South African Coloured community was born from the intermarriage of White settlers, African Natives, and Asian slaves, who were brought from the Dutch colonies of Asia in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Most coloureds worked as domestic servants, farm…


Celebrating our Heritage

Nothing is more amazing than being born in a country like South Africa where 11 languages are spoken, not to mention our diverse culture and our warm friendly people. Growing up here has taught me to appreciate other cultures. Heritage…


Celebrating Women’s Month 2020

In celebration of Women’s Month, Hlengiwe Cebekhulu, a technician who joined Naidu Consulting through the Academy of Excellence Programme shares about her inspiration of becoming an engineer and her experience at Naidu Consulting. Hlengiwe grew up in the Macekane Village…


Special SAT Memberships

During the recent Society for Asphalt Technology (SAT) AGM which took place on 29 July 2020, Mahendren Manicum, the Managing Director of Naidu Consulting and Steph Bredenhann, a Principle Specialist at Naidu Consulting were granted special memberships to the organisation….