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Naidu Consulting has always been a company of substance with seriously talented people. These people not only work hard, but are great team players , who have stuck by us through tough times, banded together to meet tight deadlines and attended to our clients’ needs in record time whilst still maintaining quality.

These people are the Naidu Consulting Family. Naidu Consulting has turned the industry on its head, despite the downturn in the industry. Whilst retrenchment is the talk of the day and more companies are vying for business, Naidu Consulting chose to recruit and promote staff.

We are cognisant of the fact that the future of our company lies in the hands of our up-and-coming professionals, who have been with the company a number of years and proved their worth. It’s important that these individuals are recognised and promoted to posts befitting their stature and expertise.

Morag Horne ( HR Division )

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