Pavement Engineering

Routine and periodic maintenance of road pavements is critical to prolong the country’s road network. We apply “reduce, re-use and recycle” principles in pavement rehabilitation projects to effect sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions. We have introduced cutting edge technology such as BIM Technology, smart construction technology, including georeferencing for as-builts, through ongoing research with nationally and internationally recognised bodies and integrate social and environmental impact through all of our projects.

Our portfolio of Road Rehabilitation projects includes National, Provincial and Municipal roads and highways. We package road rehabilitation projects to support contractor incubation and job creation.


  • Traffic sensitivity analysis
  • Pavement capacity modelling
  • Life-cycle cost analysis, utilising HDM4
  • Materials optimisation analysis
  • Materials deconstruction planning
  • Pavement and material specialists
  • App-driven pavement management systems, utilising prioritisation and optimisation models