Project Bright (Molweni)

It was wonderful to have Naidu Consulting come on board to assist us with the last phase of this flagship creche development, made possible by the collaboration of over 20 different stakeholders. The last, and very important phase of this creche, of which you as Naidu took care of, consisted of the following:

Water management, in the form of diverting water that previously use to turn the playground into a swamp, adding a cement screed to this area and in general making it more user friendly.
Leaking roofs in the classrooms, the installation of an awning over these to final additions that was completed in phase 2 has resolved this issue and we are looking forward to a much drier and ultimately healthier rainy season.
Your donation helped us tidy up the bin and JoJo tank area, making it a lot safer and cleaner
And last, but not least, your teambuilding day!

The team building event is always the highlight and having worked with Naidu Consulting on numerous projects in the past, the team did not disappoint when it came to hard work, creative thinking and teamwork. The children love the bike track. It has expanded their play area whilst offering a valuable opportunity to educators to teach basic road safety to little minds, making practical implementation so much easier.

Sensory experiences include touch, movement, body awareness, sight, sound, smell, taste and the pull of gravity. The process of the brain organising and interpreting this information is called Sensory Integration. The importance of sensory integration has become critical in the development of children. The sensory path designed by the team has become a fun tool, where kids play, without realising they are being taught important skills. Thank you again for joining us to complete Project Bright and we hope to work with you again in 2020!

Brenda Scheepers (Bukamina Projects)


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