Roads & Highways

Effective, efficient and sustainable transport infrastructure is an essential catalyst for any society to thrive socially and economically.

Our highly experienced and award winning Roads and Highways Division offers a range of services that will ensure well designed, economically constructed and high quality roads and highways. It incorporates the latest technologies; from leading design and analysis software to innovative construction materials and techniques.

Our portfolio of successful projects includes National, Provincial and Municipal roads and highways. We also offer, upon client’s request and as a value added service, the incorporation of emerging contractor participation, local labour utilisation and accredited training in major and minor construction contracts.


  • Road geometric design & analysis
  • Earthworks modelling
  • HDM4 cost / benefit analysis
  • Value engineering design of highways and major arterial roads
  • Vehicle swept path analysis and simulation
  • Hydro plane analysis
  • Sustainability matrix analysis
  • Integration of multidisciplinary services using BIM applications
  • Road safety auditing
  • 3D Visualization and rendering
  • Labour Intensive Construction (LIC) design