The Smart Room

Promoting innovative solutions require individuals with innovative ideas, who strive for a better future. Innovation is about creative ideas, infinite thoughts and infinite questions without compromised quality.

The SMART Room was designed to inspire creativity and innovation, purposed to house the latest industry-leading technology whilst allowing various functional uses including a state-of-the-art training facility.

Elements in this room were carefully chosen to enhance visual and functional characteristics. Multi-coloured tables allow easy reconfiguration for groups of 3, 4, and 5 and may easily be reconfigured for boardroom set-ups, whilst the 3D ceiling introduced sound absorbing polypropylene foam to provide a unique aesthetic appeal. Whiteboards on all walls allow the capture of creative thoughts while the eccentric furniture inspire different thinking. Two large inspiring words are formed with inspirational quotes which promote leadership, creativity and innovation.

The room boasts the latest technology including an 86-inch smart touch screen TV, a 65-inch drawing mark-up screen, virtual reality technology, video conferencing and wireless phone charging technology. The room will continue to be upgraded and will be used to showcase the latest technology.

The Smart Room was officially opened in May 2019.
Innov8 infinite visions!

Fikile Khanyile (NC Academy of Excellence)

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