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The year is slowly drawing to a close, and what a year it has been! For me, it has been the toughest year I have ever experienced in my career.

However, despite the difficulties and the challenging business environment, Naidu Consulting continued to grow, not only in numbers but also in strength and integrity.

To all of you, thank you for your dedication, hard work and ongoing commitment to our collective future. Thank you for the late nights, the working weekends and for sometimes foregoing your leave to ensure that tight deadlines were met. I salute you all and will forever be grateful for the work you do!

To all our clients, thank you for supporting our company and its business activities over the past 20 years. We pledge to continue our work of designing the ultimate service delivery model whilst improving the skill sets we bring to you and continue supporting your business of improving and accelerating service delivery to the people of our country.

The success of this year was highlighted by the opening of our Eastern Cape office and, more recently, our Western Cape office; as well as our embracing of the advances in digital technology with the launch of our SMART Room in Durban. These achievements are a testimony to our bold but prudent growth strategy, our great management team and the hard work of all our employees. We have made impressive progress in our risk management modelling techniques and have smoothly transitioned into a new organisational structure – all while raising our profile and prominence in the industry.

There is still plenty to be achieved in Naidu Consulting’s evolution and I see an abundance of new opportunities and great achievements lined up for next year.

For now, I wish you and your families joy, warm memories and peace over the holiday season. We should be thankful for what we have, remember to embrace our loved ones and be grateful for having them around and close.

Enjoy your well-deserved festive break and be safe. Here’s to a fabulous 2020!

Mahendren Manicum (Managing Director)

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