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Transformation of Women in the Workplace

South Africa has seen many transformations throughout the years and has implemented many a change in addressing the imbalances of the past, namely gender inequality and transformation.

While women are at the forefront in many industries, it must be noted that we have grown from the past prejudices.

I believe women’s credentials and professional qualifications have been acquired through sheer hard work and I celebrate that we have seen the barrier of past prejudices dissipating.

In celebrating being a woman, we must do so without having to compare ourselves to our male counterparts. Our challenge must always be advancing ourselves based on our own merit. Being a woman is special and must never be celebrated on the bandwagon of gender inequality.

It is however pertinent to note that in many workplaces, gender stereotyping still very much exists, causing imbalances where women who demonstrate strong leadership are perceived 11 negatively while men are often encouraged and promoted in these roles. Stereotypes and unconscious biases must be made aware of. We must challenge them through introspection from both men and women.

We must tear down the past mindset that feed the perceptions held about women. Men and women are equals and when we work together, we share professional insight, best practice, education and experience that translates to a richly empowered and diverse workforce.

By Nalini Nulliah

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