Water & Sanitation

The collection, storage, treatment and reticulation of water and waste water is a fundamental component for the health and economic progression of any community.

Spatial planning software (GIS), coupled with our extensive experience is used to predict water and sanitation demand to provide effective scheme designs to meet the changing needs associated with urbanisation and people migration. BIM Technology is used to apply an integrated modelling approach to complex water systems within the built environment.

Our portfolio of clients includes local and district municipalities, national departments, parastatals and private clients. We have partnered with the Development Bank of South Africa who financially support and effect project implementation. We are capable of supporting projects of varying complexity, from complex projects such as the Northern and Western Aqueducts to relatively simpler dam maintenance and environmental rehabilitation projects.


  • Water resourcing & planning studies
  • Non-revenue & water demand management analyses
  • Networking modelling & surge analyses
  • Bulk water supply system design
  • Dams & abstraction works
  • Groundwater resource utilisation & monitoring
  • Water treatment works
  • Water storage reservoirs & towers
  • Pump stations, bulk water pipelines & water reticulation
  • Wastewater master planning
  • Bulk sewer & sewer reticulation design
  • Sewerage pump stations & wastewater treatment works
  • Dry sanitation services
  • Eco-friendly constructed wetlands
  • Stormwater planning &catchment master plans
  • Hydrological & hydraulic modelling
  • Stormwater management & control designs