Mandela Month Initiative


Founded in 1988 by Austrian nun, Sister Marco Gneis, Jabulani is a self-help centre for women and children from townships around Mariannhill, South Africa. It is a non-profit, public benefit and non-governmental organisation, mainly financed by donations.

The Centre serves disadvantaged women and their children where women receive a small allowance in order to buy food or clothing for their family. The Centre also provides nutritious meals to hundreds of families every day from the vegetables grown in their garden. In addition, the Centre offers various skills development projects such as sewing, woodwork and carpentry, where people can acquire skills in diverse fields of activities according to their interests and talents.

The Naidu Consulting Team were instrumental in the upgrading of the centre’s kitchen with proper roofing, repaired windows, a workspace for preparation of food and an improved cooking area that is safe and not a fire hazard. The team painted the walls and even took part in preparing lunch for that day. Now, no matter the weather, the ladies can cook for the community. Naidu Consulting… Transforming Lives, One Step at a Time.

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