Occupational Health & Safety

Underpinned by ISO 14001 and BSOHSAS 18001, Naidu Consulting understands the importance of maintaining Occupational Health and Safety standards within our workplace including the various projects we work with. Naidu Consulting deeply understands the importance of managing client risk within the construction sector. Simplifying the safety management process, while supporting developing contractors as they seek to comply with relevant legislation throughout their operations, we operate a fully-fledged Safety Unit that manages client safety risks throughout every phase of a project’s life cycle.

Backed by expert knowledge and understanding of construction, health, and safety legislation, we engage with designers, and with rigorous attention paid to client requirements and project scope, craft and assist with the implementation of client safety specifications. Monitoring construction projects to ensure they comply with relevant legislation, and using a fully-customisable, cloud-based Compliance Management Systems (CMS), we provide real-time reporting and detailed analyses to our clientele. Utilising appropriate technologies in this way, enables our team to empower our clientele by supplying analytical data relating to trends and patterns, further entrenching our ability to provide expert recommendations for strategic improvement.


  • Crafting and implementation of client & project safety specifications
  • Safety & risk assessments and analyses
  • Construction permit application processing
  • Site audits
  • Provision & support of certified safety officers
  • Cloud-based, app-driven safety management services & technical analysis
  • Provision of safety files